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Variable Speed Outdoor Heat Pump Personality Module Update

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Heat Pump
Recall or Alert Date: 03-28-2014
Serial Number: SSP-SVB20B-EN
Brands Affected: American StandardTrane

Description of Problem:

The purpose of this bulletin is to address reports of variable speed heat pump systems entering hard lockout conditions due to low EEV startup positioning.

Affected Products:

4TWV8024A1000A, 4A6V8024A1000A, 4TWV8036A1000A, 4A6V8036A1000A, 4TWV8037A1000A, 4A6V8037A1000A, 4TWV8048A1000A, 4A6V8048A1000A, 4TWV8049A1000A, 4A6V8049A1000A, 4TWV8060A1000A, 4A6V8060A1000A, 4TWV0024A1000A, 4A6V0024A1000A, 4TWV0036A1000A, 4A6V0036A1000A, 4TWV0048A1000A, 4A6V0048A1000A, 4TWV0060A1000A, 4A6V0060A1000A