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Sticking TXV’s on 2 and 2-1/2 Ton Split System Evaporator Coils and 15 SEER Package Units

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Air ConditionerHeat Pump
Recall or Alert Date: 09-10-2014
Serial Number: SA-023
Brands Affected: AmanaCarrierDaikinGoodman

Description of Problem:

Recently we have received reports of sticking or restricted TXV’s (thermostatic expansion valves) on AC and HP product in the 2 and 2-1/2 ton capacity range. Analysis of returned parts show dark sticky deposits on the pin and the body that are preventing the valve from functioning properly. In cases where the TXV has been determined to be sticking, we recommend replacing the TXV. We do not recommend trying to clean the TXV in the field. Field experience shows that after the stuck valve is replaced the failure mode rarely re-occurs.

Affected Products:

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump product in the 2 and 2-1/2 ton capacity range.