Recalls and Service Alerts

Furnaces - Air Conditioners - Heat Pumps


Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Furnace
Recall or Alert Date: 10-11-2001
Serial Number: 3-01
Brands Affected: Trane

Description of Problem:

Since the beginning the 2nd quarter of 1999, field complaints reported failures of the “K1” relay powering the circulating blower on the furnace controls CNT02789 (particularly in downflow models). More recently, similar reports have been received on other single stage furnace models (see list above). The failure appears as burned solder joints of the relay pins on the backside of the PC board

Affected Products:

FCA/FUA-A-A0…A1 & CUD-A-A1…A3 1991 CNT01309 50A50-405 D340035P01 SiC
*DE/*UE-A-K0…K1 & FCA/FUA-A-E0 & KIT03793 Mar, 11, '96 CNT02181 50A50-571 D330927P01 SiC
*DE/*UE-K2 and later & CUB Nov. '97 (M47 ) CNT02789 50A55-571 D341122P01 SiC
XE-80 *DD/*UD-C-A1…B0 1991 CNT01309 50A50-405 D340035P01 SiC
XE-80 *DD-C-C0...C1 & *UD-C-H0…H1 July '95 CNT01848 50A50-471 D340774P01 SiC
XE-80 *DD-C-C3...C4 & *UD-C-H3…H4 April 29, '96 (L17) CNT02182 50A50-473 D330930P01 SiC
XE-80 *DD-C-E0 and later & *UD-C-J0 and later FW15-99 (P15) **CNT03076 50A65-475 D341396P01 SiNi
XE-90 *DC/*UC-C-A, *DX/*UX-C-A Nov. '92 CNT01616 50A50-406 D340354P01 SiC
XE-90 *DC/*UC/*DX/*UX-C-BO …B2 July '95 CNT01849 50A50-472 D340790P01 SiC
XE-90 *DC/*UC/*DX/*UX-C-B April 29, '96 (L17) *CNT02183 50A50-474 D330934P01 SiC
XE-90 *DC/*UC/*DX/*UX-C-B and later July, '98 (N31) **CNT02891 50A55-474 D341235P01 SiC
XE-90 *DX/*UX-C-C0 July, '98 (N30) CNT02854 50A65-474 D341213P01 SiNi
XE-90 *DX/*UX-C-C1 and later April '99 (P17) **CNT03076 50A65-475 D341396P01 SiNi TWO STAGE IFC ( STANDARD MODELS )
XL-80 *DD/*UD-R 1991 CNT01308 50A51-405 D340021P01 SiC
XL-80 *DD/*UD-R April 29, '96 (L17) CNT02184 50A51-495 D330937P01 SiC
XL-80 *DD/*UD-R Sept. '99 (P38) **CNT03077 50M61-495 D341418P01 SiNi TWO STAGE IFC ( VARIABLE SPEED MODELS )
XV-80 *DD/*UD-R9V-A1 1992 CNT01523 50A51-505 D340236P01 SiC
XV-80 *DD-R9V-B0...C3 & *UD-R9V-A1...H0 Oct. '95 (K43) CNT01819 50A51-506 D340641P01 SiC
XV-80 *DD-R9V-C4 & *UD-R9V-H4 Sept. '96 CNT02223 50A51-507 D340949P01 SiC
XV-80 *DD-R9V-D0 & *UD-R9V-J0 and later Sept. '99 (P38) **CNT03078 50V61-507 D341420P01 SiNi
XV-90 *DY/*UY-R9V-A0…A3 Aug. '94 CNT01819 50A51-506 D340641P01 SiC
XV-90 *DY-R9V-A4, *UY-R9V-H4 Sept. '96 **CNT02223 50A51-507 D340949P01 SiC
XV-90 *DY/*UY-R9V-V Aug. '97 **CNT02536 50A61-605 C341033P01 SiNi
XL-90 *DX/*UX-R-V Oct. '98 **CNT02871 50V65-495 D341232P01 SiNi