Recalls and Service Alerts

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Potential Contaminants Affecting TXV Operation and Performance in Residential Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Systems

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Air ConditionerHeat Pump
Recall or Alert Date: 07-30-2014
Serial Number: C-14-05
Brands Affected: Lennox

Description of Problem:

Lennox has seen an increase in TXV warranty claims year to date, particularly in the 2 – 3 ton range, and we have received reports from the field regarding alleged TXV failures. Other manufacturers and suppliers have issued service announcements and notifications indicating industrywide TXV issues across a variety of TXV manufacturers. Service technicians are also noticing issues due to TXV failures, and are currently replacing the TXV to resolve the problem.

Affected Products:

Thermal expansion valve (often abbreviated as TEV, TXV, or TX valve)