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PGD48 & 60C-*2* Intermittent Starting Problems

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Furnace
Recall or Alert Date: 07-30-2004
Serial Number: CAG-460
Brands Affected: Amana

Description of Problem:

The ECM™ Motors used in the PGD48C and PGD60C model package gas/electric units have experienced some starting issues and constant run issues. These are two separate issues and are related to the ECM,. motor program. The CONSTANT RUN issue is being addressed first and then the NO START issue.

The calls from the field state that the ECM motor runs constantly even if the sixteen pin is disconnected. This scenario fits the end bell programming issue described above under CONSTANT RUN issue if "R" is removed the motor is programmed to run in the heating speed.

Affected Products:

Amana PGD48C and PGD60C model package gas/electric units