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JakeL ID Blowers Seizing on PGD and APG Model Package Gas/Electric Units

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Furnace
Recall or Alert Date: 12-20-2004
Serial Number: CAG-475
Brands Affected: Amana

Description of Problem:

Our investigation has determined the issue of motors seizing up to be due to an insufficient clearance between the rotor and bearing strap (see figure 1 below). To immediately address this issue, our supplier has inspected and verified that the clearance between the rotor and bearing strap, on all current Induced Draft Blowers, is within design parameters. We have released a new part number for the ID Blowers, Part# 20351403 for PGD*C*G models and Part# 20484702 for APG10* & 12* models (see figure 2 below). Along with the new part number, the Induced Draft Blower can be identified by a Blue Marking Along the Side of the Bobbin (see figure 3 below).

Affected Products:

PGD24, 30, 36, 42C*G and APG1 0 & 12* model package gas/electric units,