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GHN Furnace Fan Controls

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Furnace
Recall or Alert Date: 10-25-1990
Serial Number: GF-109
Brands Affected: Amana

Description of Problem:

Some early GHN furnaces using the T.O.D. snap disc type fan control, Part Numbers C6456101 and C6456103, have experienced short cycling of the air circulation blower at the beginning of the heating cycle. These controls were used on GHN furnaces built prior to June 1989.

This condition can occur if the bumper gauging within the control was originally gauged on the Iow end of T.O.D.'s specifications. As bumper wear and contact buildup occurs over time, the control can develop a condition where it appears to have zero differential. This condition is the result of the original bumper gauging and contact buildup reducing the contact gap, and the natural tendency for the snap disc to creep just before switching. The blower will cycle as the snap disc creeps back and forth making and breaking the contacts.

Affected Products:

GHN furnaces