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Date Brand Equip Type # Problem Descriptions  
01-23-2013 American StandardTrane Furnace Service Alert FURN-SVB49A-EN

Foil Delamination on Models *UD100R9V5K, *UD2C100ACV52A, *UD2C100A9V5VA

This bulletin outlines the risk of foil delaminating from the furnace cabinet. There is potential for the foil to delaminate and blow into the...

07-29-2006 York Furnace Service Alert YS-055-06

Air Leakage Around Vestibule Panel At Burners on G8C, GF8 & P6UH, Multi Positional, 31 ½” Tall, 80% Furnace

Air leakage around the vestibule panel at the burner box and prevent roll out switch nuisance tripping.

04-24-2007 York Furnace Service Alert YS-019 -07

Possible Wrong Restrictor Plate Hole Size On 80% Tubular Furnaces Manufactured From Oct 2006 to Mar 2007

There was a process change in the fabrication of restrictor plates for 80% tubular furnaces starting in October 2006. As a result there is a s...

04-12-2007 York Air HandlerFurnaceHeat Pump Service Alert YS-013 -07

Blower wheels coming apart on Residential – Furnaces, Air Handlers and Package Units

To resolve field complaints of blower wheels coming apart the one-piece motor bracket has been modified. Because of motor bracket legs flexed ...

10-23-2006 York Furnace Service Alert ST-031-06

Failure of the ECM motor in two-stage or modulating furnaces

Upon failure of the ECM motor in two-stage or modulating furnaces, the servicer may not have a properly programmed replacement motor on hand. ...

01-01-2002 BryantCarrier Furnace Recall Carrier

Carrier Corporation is voluntarily participating in a Product Safety Recall

Carrier Corporation is voluntarily participating in a Product Safety Recall that applies to select Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energ...

12-23-2007 BryantCarrierDay & NightPayne Furnace Service Alert Legal Notice

Class Action Lawsuit – Early Failure of High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

The lawsuit is about whether secondary heat exchangers in high efficiency gas furnaces made by Carrier were defective and failed too soon. The...

02-24-1998 Goodman Furnace Recall 98-073

CPSC, Goodman Announce Recall to Replace HTPV Pipes

Since August 1996, Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P., ofHouston, Texas, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPS...

02-01-2006 ComfortmakerHeilTempstar Furnace Service Alert 441 08 2011 00

80% Single Stage Gas Furnaces Service Manual

This service manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the installation manual and/or technical support manual provided with each furn...

10-11-2001 Trane Furnace Service Alert 3-01


Since the beginning the 2nd quarter of 1999, field complaints reported failures of the “K1” relay powering the circulating blower on the f...

04-18-2006 AmanaGoodman Furnace Service Alert SF-012

New Ignition Control Board 0130F00005S

During this past heating season we had some reports of slight delays in furnace ignition operation. The igniter was not staying energized long...

02-16-1999 Rheem Air HandlerFurnace Recall 99-061

CPSC, Rheem Manufacturing Announce Recall to Repair Electric Furnaces and Air Handlers

The heating elements in the electric furnaces and air handlers can disintegrate, and expel small particles of molten metal through the duct sy...

11-03-2003 Lennox Furnace Service Alert H−01−2

Pulse Heat Exchanger Warranty

The pulse has played an important role in the history of Lennox and our industry; but it has come to the end of its life cycle. Lennox will co...

05-25-2005 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-179

Blower Wheel Noise on Amana® Brand 80% and 90% Gas Furnaces

We have received reports from the field about a noise-vibration sound on select Amana® brand furnaces. The reported sound occurs during high-...

02-18-2005 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-176

Ramping Profile Dip Switch Settings Incorrect in Installation-Operating Manuals on AMV8, ACV9 and AMV9 Gas Furnaces

The ramping profile dip switch settings in the Installation and Operating Manual for the AMV8* (IO-247) and ACV9*/AMV9* (IO-253B) are listed i...

01-12-2005 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-175

ECM Motor Not Ramping Properly on Amana® Brand 80% & 90% Variable Speed Gas Furnaces

There have been reports that the Amana® brand 80% ) variable speed ECM™ motors are not ramping up and down. The ECM™ motor is operating a...

01-20-2005 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-174

Pressure Switch Nuisance Tripping on Amana® brand 90% ACV90* Counterflow Model Furnaces

We have had a few reports of nuisance pressure switch tripping on Amana® brand 90% (ACV9070CXA, ACV90905DXA*) counterflow model furnaces.

11-11-2003 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-165

Missing 8 Flash LED Code Information

We have discovered that the wiring diagram used on 40” 90% GUCA/GCCA-BX and 80% GUIC/GCIC-FA/FX Silicon Nitride ignition system model furnac...

11-11-2003 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-164

Incorrect Gas Valve Wiring Diagram Information

We have discovered that the wiring diagram for GUIV-FX model furnaces manufactured February 2003 contains an error in regards to the wiring of...

03-14-2003 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-162

Need for Proper Grounding of Silicon Nitride Integrated Ignition Control Systems

We have received field complaints of premature Silicon Nitride Igniter failures (Amana Part #’s 11111701 & 11111702), which are used on our ...

03-11-2003 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-157

White-Rodgers Two-Stage Gas Valves (Amana Part #’s C6476906 and C6476909)

Amana has received field complaints of nuisance lockouts on 40" 80% and 90% two-stage gas furnaces (Models GUIS, GCIS, GUIV, GUVA, GCVA and GU...

12-19-2001 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-154

40” 90% Two-Stage Gas Furnace Fasco Induced Draft Blower Assemblies

In some installations the Fasco induced draft blower assembly (Amana Part # 20245902) used on 40" 90% twostage gas furnace, models GUVA, GCVA ...

09-27-1999 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-148-S

Direct Vent (Dual Pipe) Venting Table Corrections

Direct Vent (Dual Pipe) Venting Table for the 40" 90% GUCA and GCCA model furnaces shown in Installation Instructions, Amana Part # 10318729 d...

07-26-1999 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-145-B

Service Replacement Motor Mounting Assembly Kit

In some installations the 10X10 blower wheel (Amana part #D6723306) used on GUC090X50B, GUC115X50B,GUD090X50B, GUD115X50B and GUX090X50B model...

11-13-1996 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-133-S

GUID070 Furnace, Potential Induced Draft Blower Leakage

Amana is instituting a mandatory rework of all GUID070(CA/CX)(30/40) model furnaces manufactured prior to November 1, 1996 (serial number pref...

08-31-1995 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-129

Auxiliary Limit Mounting Clip used on GUIC Model Furnaces

Amana is instituting a mandatory rework of all GUIC model furnaces manufactured between July 13 and August 7, 1995 serial numbers 9507133880 t...

11-21-1994 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-125

40″ 80% Furnace Induced Draft Blower Assemblies

In some installations the Fasco induced draft blower assembly (Amana part number 11009001) used on the new 40" 80% furnaces has been found to ...

04-19-1994 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-120

LP Orifices and Conversion Kits

Orifices used in LPTK05, HALP03 , HALP04 and B1417305A conversion kits have not been consistent. These orifices can cause the fuel supply to m...

10-25-1990 Amana Furnace Service Alert GF-109

GHN Furnace Fan Controls

Some early GHN furnaces using the T.O.D. snap disc type fan control, Part Numbers C6456101 and C6456103, have experienced short cycling of the...

11-16-2010 AmanaGoodman Furnace Service Alert SF-039

High Speed Motor Noise on GCH90904CX, GCH950904CX, *MH950704CX, *MH950904CX, GKS90704CX, & GKS90904CX Furnaces

Goodman has received reports of indoor fan motor noise on some GCH90904CXA*, GCH950904CXAA and GCH950904CXAB counter flow model furnaces. In a...

04-12-2002 Amana Furnace Service Alert CAG-432

New Direct Spark Igniters for PGA, PGB and PGD Gas/Electric Package Units

Amana has received field reports indicating that the new PGA*C*2E/F, PGB and PGD*C*2E model gas/electric package units may not light properly ...

07-30-2004 Amana Furnace Service Alert CAG-460

PGD48 & 60C-*2* Intermittent Starting Problems

The ECM™ Motors used in the PGD48C and PGD60C model package gas/electric units have experienced some starting issues and constant run issues...

12-20-2004 Amana Furnace Service Alert CAG-475

JakeL ID Blowers Seizing on PGD and APG Model Package Gas/Electric Units

Our investigation has determined the issue of motors seizing up to be due to an insufficient clearance between the rotor and bearing strap (se...

01-20-2014 BryantCarrierPayne Furnace Service Alert DSB 14-0002

35” Condensing Gas Furnace Nuisance Pressure Switch Tripping

The inducer housing pressure switch (HPS) on single stage models is opening during furnace operation. This appears to the homeowner as a non-f...

07-03-2014 Carrier Furnace Service Alert DSB 14-0008d

Incorrect Super Heat for TXVs in 1.5, 2 and 2.5 Ton Residential Furnace Coils

Ongoing testing and reports from the field indicate that 1.5, 2 and 2.5 ton Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) currently used in the above li...

02-08-2013 BryantCarrierPayne Furnace Service Alert SMB13-0004

90% Furnace Collector Box—Minor Condensate Leaks

The 90% furnace team is aware of an issue with possible defects in the collector box of some 90% furnaces. In some cases, this can result in m...

10-28-2014 Maytag Furnace Service Alert TB14-122R/A

Inducer Wheel Failure

NORDYNE has been notified by our supplier of single stage 90+ inducer blower assemblies of the potential for the inducer blower wheel hub to c...

09-23-2011 American StandardTrane Furnace Service Alert FURN-SVB44B-EN

Single Stage 95 Inducer Noise

Address a potential noise/vibration concern for the furnace models noted in this bulletin. The action described in this bulletin is not being ...

09-08-2008 American StandardTrane Furnace Service Alert FURN-SVB29A-EN

Limit Switch Tripping – 95%, 2-Stage Gas Furnaces

Issue with the high temperature limit switch operation in 95% AFUE, 2-Stage Residential Gas Furnaces. This bulletin is not being issued to add...

07-09-2001 AmanaAmerican StandardBryantCarrierComfort-AireDay & NightGoodmanJanitrolPayneRheemRuudTrane Furnace Recall 01-189

CPSC Announces Recall of Furnaces in California

The units involved are gas-fired horizontal furnaces equipped with steel "NOx" rods installed above the burners and are commonly called NOx ro...

09-06-2001 ColemanLuxaireYork Furnace Recall 01-523

York International Corporation Announce Recall of Gas Furnaces

York's quality assurance and manufacturing investigation found these furnaces could have detached heat exchanger tubes. A separated heat excha...

11-15-2004 ColemanRed T Furnace Recall 05-047

CPSC, York International Corp. Announce Recall of Gas Furnaces

These furnaces can overheat, causing heat-exchanger cracking, burn-through and, in extreme cases, furnace wrapper burn-through. This can lead ...

02-11-2005 American StandardTrane Air ConditionerFurnace Recall 05-104

CPSC, American Standard Companies Announce Recall of Gas-Electric Heating/Cooling Units

A gas leak can occur if there is a crack in the gas valve body near the inlet pipe connection. A build-up of gas in the burner compartment of ...

04-03-2008 Goodman Air ConditionerFurnaceHeat Pump Recall 08-555

Goodman Manufacturing Co. Recalls Heating and Cooling Units Due to Fire Hazard

The serial plates on the units contain inaccurate information that could result in the use of undersized installation wiring, posing a fire ha...

01-22-2009 RheemRuud Furnace Recall 09-104

Rheem Recalls to Repair Oil-Fired Furnaces Due to Fire Hazard

If the furnace is not properly wired, the oil burner can continue to operate when the blower shuts off, posing a fire hazard to consumers. Rhe...

02-03-2012 ColemanRed T Furnace Recall 12-102

Fire Concerns Prompt York International to Reannounce Recall of Gas Furnaces for Manufactured Homes

The furnace can overheat and cause the heat-exchanger to crack and create openings that allow flames to be exposed. When this happens, drywall...

03-10-2016 ThermoflowWilliamson BoilerFurnace Recall 16-731

Carlin Recalls Williamson and Thermoflo Furnaces and Boilers

A wiring malfunction can result in the burners failing to shut off, posing a fire hazard. Carlin has received one report of the burner failing...