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Emerson EEM Motor Speed Tap T4

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Air ConditionerAir HandlerHeat Pump
Recall or Alert Date: 03-10-2011
Serial Number: SA-013
Brands Affected: AmanaGoodman

Description of Problem:

Emerson has notified Goodman Mfg that their Selec-Tech EEM motor that is used in some Goodman and Amana brand products could cause an excessive load on the transformer that could result in a transformer failure or blown fuse if speed tap T4 on the Emerson SelecTech EEM motor is used. This is a result of an internal programming error with the motor and not a wiring issue with the Goodman or Amana unit. If T4 isn’t used, the motor will operate normally.

Affected Products:

Gas....................... Heat Pumps Coolers... Air Handlers Light Commercial
APG1348070M41 GPG1348070M41 GPH1348M41 GPC1348M41 ASPF183016DA CPG0600901DXJXB
APG1348090M41 GPG1348090M41 GPH1360H41 GPC1348M43 ASPF183016EA CPG0600901DXSXB
APG1348115M41 GPG1348090M43 GPH1360M41 GPC1360H41 ASPF426016DA CPG0600901DXXXB
APG1360090M41 GPG1348115M41 GPH1424H41 GPC1360M41 ASPF426016EA CPG0600903DXJXB
APG1360115M41 GPG1360090M41 GPH1430H41 GPC1360M43 ASPF313716DA CPG0600903DXSXB
APG1360140M41 GPG1360090M43 GPH1436H41 GPC1424H41 ASPF313716EA CPG0600903DXXXB
APG152407041 GPG1360115M41 GPH1442H41 GPC1430H41 AWUF310816AA CPG0601401DXJXB
APG153009041 GPG1360140M41 GPH1448H41 GPC1436H41 AWUF321016AA CPG0601401DXSXB
APG153709041 GPG1360140M43 GPH1460H41 GPC1442H41 AWUF310516AA CPG0601401DXXXB
APG154211541 GPG152407041 GPH1524M41 GPC1448H41 AWUF370516BA CPG0601403DXJXB
APG154911541 GPG153009041 GPH1530M41 GPC1460H41 AWUF370816BA CPG0601403DXSXB
APG156014041 GPG153709041 GPH1536M41 GPC1524M41 AWUF371016BA CPG0601403DXXXB
GPG154211541 GPH1543M41 GPC1530M41 CPH060XXX1DXJXB
GPG154911541 GPH1549M41 GPC1536M41 CPH060XXX1DXXXB
GPG156014041 GPH1560M41 GPC1542M41 CPH060XXX3DXJXB