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ECB25-10KW Electric Heat Section Wiring Error

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Air Handler
Recall or Alert Date: 04-16-2015
Serial Number: C-13-14
Brands Affected: Lennox

Description of Problem:

Field reports of indoor fan motors being energized as soon as main power is applied to unit.

Red wire in electric heater section that provides power to the indoor blower motor during a heating call is on the line side of the sequencer relay terminal. The red wire needs to be placed on the load side of the sequencer relay terminal as shown in figure 1.

The black and yellow main power wires are reversed in the 6-pin plug (see figure 3). The yellow and black wires need to be reversed (see figure 4).

Affected Products:

ECB25-10kW electric heat section installed in a CBX25UH and CBX25UHV air handler units.