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Defrost Control Problems 031-01975-000 (S1-03101975000) SAP#10211

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Heat Pump
Recall or Alert Date: 06-01-2006
Serial Number: ST-010-06
Brands Affected: York

Description of Problem:

We had a few reports this past winter of the units listed above not defrosting completely. Reports were that the units exited the defrost cycle at too low a temperature, leaving a band of frost or a completely frozen over coil. The issue seemed to be related to the operating temperature and humidity levels particular to the installed locations. The field reports were mostly from areas with high humidity, colder temperatures and a mountainous area, with wider swings in operating conditions from night – to morning – to day.

Affected Products:

UNITS: B*HP042A06, B*HZ042A06