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Class Action Lawsuit – Early Failure of High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Furnace
Recall or Alert Date: 12-23-2007
Serial Number: Legal Notice
Brands Affected: BryantCarrierDay & NightPayne

Description of Problem:

The lawsuit is about whether secondary heat exchangers in high efficiency gas furnaces made by Carrier were defective and failed too soon. The lawsuit claims that the polypropylene-laminated steel (“PPL”) used in secondary heat exchangers in the furnace degrades and disintegrates due to the high temperatures in the furnace and leads to premature corrosion. Carrier has denied all of these claims and maintains that it did not act wrongfully or unlawfully. Carrier maintains that its patented use of PPL in the secondary heat exchanger is superior to the stainless steel used by competitors.

Carrier will pay up to $270 to those Class members who had a secondary heat exchanger failure and who were not previously reimbursed by Carrier or one of its dealers or distributors for the labor cost of replacement or provided a credit or allowance on the purchase of a new furnace bought as a result.

Affected Products:

Carrier 58SX* 58DXC 58MXB 58MVP 58SXA 58MSA 58UVB 58MVB 58SXC 58MCA 58SXB* 58MTA 58DX* 58MXA 58VUA 58MTB 58DXA 58MCB 58VCA 58MVC

Bryant/Payne/Day & Night 398AAW* 398AAV 398BAZ 490AAV 398AAZ 350MAV 320AAZ PG9MAA 399AAW* 340AAV 321AAZ PG9MAB 399AAZ 350AAV 355MAV 355CAV 399AAV 351DAS 355AAV 340MAV 345MAV 355BAV 352MAV 398BAW* 352AAV


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