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American Standard Companies Announce Recall of Trane and American Standard Accessory Electric Heaters

Type: Recall
Equipment: Air HandlerHeat Pump
Recall or Alert Date: 04-30-2004
Serial Number: 04-122
Brands Affected: American StandardTrane

Description of Problem:

Overheating of the wiring in the accessory heater can lead to wall thermostat fires. There have been four reports of thermostat fires. Two of the fires resulted in several thousand dollars in property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Affected Products:

The 240 volt accessory heaters are used to provide supplemental heat in the heat pump or electric heating system. The accessory heater - model number BAYHTR1415BRKAC manufactured between April 14, 2003 and February 6, 2004 - is located inside the air handler cabinet usually found in the basement, attic, equipment closet or crawlspace of a consumer’s home. The horizontally or vertically installed air handler is a painted metal cabinet with the Trane or American Standard name plate on its front. Air handler model numbers are found on the outside of the air handler door. Consumers with one of the recalled units are being directly contacted by the independent dealer that installed it. If you had a Trane or American Standard heat pump or electric heating system installed between April, 2003 and February, 2004, and have not yet been contacted by your installer, write down your air handler model number and call your installer to see whether your air handler could contain a recalled heater. Your may also visit the firm’s Web sites to see whether your air handler could contain one of the recalled heaters and, if so, call your installer. To avoid electric shock, do not open the air handler door. Only a professional installer should open the air handler door to determine if you have a recalled accessory heater.


Consumer Product Safety Commission