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Date Brand Equip Type # Problem Descriptions  
09-23-2015 American StandardTrane Air Handler Service Alert SSA-SVB028A-EN

4FWH & 4FWC Air Handler Drain Pan Failures

There have been some field reports of premature drain pan failures on the unit mod-els listed above. These failure reports indicate the drain ...

04-12-2007 York Air HandlerFurnaceHeat Pump Service Alert YS-013 -07

Blower wheels coming apart on Residential – Furnaces, Air Handlers and Package Units

To resolve field complaints of blower wheels coming apart the one-piece motor bracket has been modified. Because of motor bracket legs flexed ...

02-16-1999 Rheem Air HandlerFurnace Recall 99-061

CPSC, Rheem Manufacturing Announce Recall to Repair Electric Furnaces and Air Handlers

The heating elements in the electric furnaces and air handlers can disintegrate, and expel small particles of molten metal through the duct sy...

05-15-2013 Lennox Air Handler Service Alert C-13-05

ECB29-12.5 and 15kw Electric Heat Sections Matched with CB29M-31 Air Handlers

Field reports of replacement electric heat solutions not fi tting in available opening.

03-10-2011 AmanaGoodman Air ConditionerAir HandlerHeat Pump Service Alert SA-013

Emerson EEM Motor Speed Tap T4

Emerson has notified Goodman Mfg that their Selec-Tech EEM motor that is used in some Goodman and Amana brand products could cause an excessiv...

07-02-2010 AmanaGoodman Air Handler Service Alert SR-047

Incorrect Aluminum Service Replacement Coils

We have received reports of incorrect aluminum service coils substitutions for the #1262404 and #1262405 copper service coils for some AR*F an...

07-08-2013 AmanaGoodman Air Handler Service Alert SR-055

Potential Incorrect Fan Wiring on ASUF and ASPT Air Handlers

We have recently discovered that a small group of ASUF and ASPT air handlers with serial numbers from 1303129141 to 1306724076 were found to h...

06-03-2014 AmanaGoodman Air Handler Service Alert SR-060

Condensate Blow off on ARUF, ARPT and AVPTC Air Handlers

We have received some reports of condensate blow off on ARUF/PT and AVPTC Smart Frame™ air handlers when installed in the horizontal left po...

03-30-2004 Amana Air Handler Service Alert CAG-450

BBC**A2C Incorrect Wiring

There have been field reports that some of the BBC**A2C model air handlers may be wired incorrectly. The serial number range affected is Octob...

05-20-2005 Amana Air Handler Service Alert CAG - 483

ARUF032-00A-1B and ARPT032-00C-1B Air Handler Blower Motor Noise

We have received some field reports concerning a high pitched blower noise on some ARUF032 and
ARPT032 air handlers. After investigating...

03-18-2013 BryantCarrierPayne Air Handler Service Alert DSB 13-0008

SPP RBC X-13 Blower Motor Replacement control Modules

SPP X13 blower motors are experiencing a control module failure in certain operating environments.

02-11-2008 Maytag Air Handler Service Alert TB08-102 R-M

Chattering Check Valve on the GB5BW Air Handlers

Nordyne has received reports of GB5BW air handlers that have a chattering or rattling noise in the coil. The noise is caused by a missing spri...

07-16-2013 American StandardTrane Air Handler Service Alert SSA-SVB26A-EN

TAM7 Pump Down Issue Models: TAM7 Air Handlers

We have received reports of periodic pump downs in outdoor products that utilize the unloading scroll compressor (step scroll) due to an issue...

10-14-2014 American StandardTrane Air Handler Service Alert UN-SVB020B-EN

MJ-X Oil Additive to Address High Superheat and Low Suction Pressure for TXVs Only

The purpose of this bulletin is to address recent reports of issues with TXVs used in air handler and furnace coil product lines, predominatel...

11-13-2013 Lennox Air Handler Service Alert C-13-13

CBX27UH024 with ECB29(EH)12.5 and 15 kW Electric heater

Reports from the field of 12.5 and 15 kW electric heater limit trips when installed in the reference air handler on installations where system...

04-16-2015 Lennox Air Handler Service Alert C-13-14

ECB25-10KW Electric Heat Section Wiring Error

Field reports of indoor fan motors being energized as soon as main power is applied to unit.

Red wire in electric heater section that p...

04-30-2004 American StandardTrane Air HandlerHeat Pump Recall 04-122

American Standard Companies Announce Recall of Trane and American Standard Accessory Electric Heaters

Overheating of the wiring in the accessory heater can lead to wall thermostat fires. There have been four reports of thermostat fires. Two of ...

08-14-2015 American StandardTrane Air Handler Recall 15-746

Trane and American Standard Recall Accessory Heaters Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

Heaters installed with reverse polarity on one of the breakers can cause the heater to overheat, posing a fire hazard. The firm has received 1...