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40” 90% Two-Stage Gas Furnace Fasco Induced Draft Blower Assemblies

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Furnace
Recall or Alert Date: 12-19-2001
Serial Number: GF-154
Brands Affected: Amana

Description of Problem:

In some installations the Fasco induced draft blower assembly (Amana Part # 20245902) used on 40" 90% twostage gas furnace, models GUVA, GCVA and GUSA, has been found to produce objectionable sound levels, often described as a droning sound. This droning sound is the result of a vibration induced by the lead end bearing mounting system in the induced draft blower motor. This vibration does not affect the performance or reliability of the blower. The vibration may be of sufficient intensity to create a resonance in the sheet metal components of the furnace, ductwork, or vent system.

Affected Products:

Amana two stage gas furnace, models GUVA, GCVA and GUSA