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1.5, 2, and 2.5 Ton Condensing Units Causing Incorrect Super Heat for TXVs in Residential Split Systems

Type: Service Alert
Equipment: Air Conditioner
Recall or Alert Date: 10-23-2014
Serial Number: DSB 14-0012
Brands Affected: BryantCarrierPayne

Description of Problem:

Ongoing testing and reports from the field indicate that Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) in 1.5, 2 and 2.5 ton indoor coils installed with the above listed condensing units may not maintain the correct SuperHeat (SH) in certain situations. The end result is a lack of cooling for the homeowner due to high SH and low suction pressures measured at the outdoor unit.

Carrier has identified the substance that is causing improper TXV operation by restricting the flow of refrigerant through the system. Internal and field testing has confirmed that this issue is not caused by the TXV or indoor coil. The TXV metering device is acting as a filter by collecting a substance used in one of the condensing unit’s components. Through significant research and testing, Carrier found the cause to be an unauthorized change to a rust inhibitor used by a supplier. The previous rust inhibitor has since been re-introduced to correct this issue in new systems being manufactured going forward. The affected component is used by the majority of HVAC Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and has impacted much of the industry.

Carrier has thoroughly tested a system additive that has proven to be effective without compromising long term system reliability. This additive will be the solution for systems exhibiting high SH during operation.

Affected Products:

113AN(A,C,W)0(18,24,30); 113APA030; 116BNA0(18,24,30); 123ANA0(18,24,30); 126BNA0(18,24,30); 127ANA024; 180BNA024; 186BNA0(18,024,030); 187BN(A,C)024; 213ANC0(18,24,30); 213CNA0(18,24,30); 213CPA030; 214CNA0(18,24,30); 215BNA0(18,24,30); 223ANA0(18,24,30); 225BNA0(18,24,30); 226ANA024; 280ANV024; 285BNA0(18,24,30); 286BN(A,C)24; 289BNA024; BA13NA0(18,24,30); BA16NA0(18,24,30); BH13NA0(18,24,30); BH14NA0(18,24,30)

24ABB3(18,24,30)(A,C,W); 24ABC6(18,24,30)A; 24ACB3(18,24,30)A; 24ACB724A; 24ACC6(18,24,30)A; 24ANB124A; 24ANB6(18,24,30)A; 24ANB724(A,C); 25HBB3(18,24,30)(A,C); 25HBC3(18,24,30)W; 25HBC5(18,24,30)A; 25HCB3(18,24,30)A; 25HCB624A; 25HCC5(18,24,30)A; 25HCD3(18,24,30)A; 25HCD4(18,24,30)A; 25HNB5(18,24,30)A; 25HNB624(A,C); 25HNB924A; 25HNH5(24,30); 25VNA024; C4A3(18,24,30); CA13NA0(18,24,30); CA16NA0(18,24,30); CH13NA0(18,19,24,25,30,31); CH14NA0(18,24,30)

PA13NA0(18,24,30); PA16NA0(18,24,30); PA17NA024; PH13NB0(18,19,24,25,30,31); PH15NB0(18,24,30); PH16NA024
Serial Number(s): 4413X - 3814X
4413E - 3814E